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Advanced Microneedling

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FDA Approved Tools

See Smother, Radiant Skin in 1 - 2 Treatments

Our Advanced Technology Ensure Faster Results With Fewer Treatments Required Than Other Spas

Waters Aesthetics uses Exceed Medical Microneedling device, the only FDA approved microneedling tool, to provide smoother, younger looking results in 1 – 2 services.

Our Advanced Microneedling services is not your typical microneedling treatment, but a true investment with immediate results. This service requires a minimum of 2 and a half hours, which is three times longer than other spas.

We start with a very detailed consultation to understand your concern, followed by a mini facial, red light therapy treatment, numbing, profound microneedling, and completed with a post service mini facial.

FDA Approved

Waters Aesthetics uses the only FDA approved medical microneedling device, resulting in breathtaking results.

Extensive Targeting

We ensure quicker results by providing a 2.5 hour treatment that targets your areas of concern and treats them as deep as possible.

Lasting Results

Our microneedling treatments provide even texture, tighter, more lifted and sculpted skin. Get rid of those fine line and wrinkles today!

Our Client's Results

Our Medical Microneedling Options

We offer 3 combinations of microneedling treatments to cover each and every area of concern. 

Facial Microneedling

This microneedling services repairs and restores aging skin, naturally from your hairline to your jawline.

Face & Neck Microneedling

This microneedling service includes our Facial Microneedling service repairing and restoring skin from your hairline, but extends the collar bone.

Face, Neck, & Décolleté Microneedling

This complete microneedling service transforms aging skin into youthful, lifted, and sculpted glowing perfection. This option starts at the hairline and covers the your skin throughout your low neckline/crease between your breasts.

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