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A Private, Luxury Spa Offering Pharmaceutical Grade Treatments and Skin Care in Phoenix, AZ

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Let A Perfectionist Be Your Aesthetician

I believe that everyone should feel confident in their own skin. I’m here to accentuate your natural beauty.
Amanda Waters
Owner & Aesthetician
Amanda Waters - Owner Of Top Spa In Arcadia, Az - Waters Aesthetics

Waters Aesthetics is an elevated, luxury, and holistic spa in Phoenix, AZ. We were founded with the mission to strengthen your emotional connection with your skin and beauty.

We are here to ensure you love yourself and the skin that comes with you! We pride ourselves with being educators rather than sales people. 

Customer care is at the core of everything we are. With care, honesty, integrity, and going above and beyond for each individual, you’ll only experience the most welcome people and environment.


This isn't your typical spa. Our services, products, and experience are elevated to provide long-lasting results that are worth your investment. You won’t find more thorough services or more luxurious products at any other spa around!


Botanics are at the core of our practice. We are here to highlight your natural beauty. How better to do that with natural products and an environment full of lively plants? You’ll know from the moment you step inside you’re in good hands.


Every service we provide and product we use gives a rejuvenating experience to help you love yourself inside and out. While the results with be apparent physically, you’ll also leave emotionally recharged and ready to conquer the world!

Meet The Founder

Amanda Waters - Owner & Aesthetician

Amanda Waters - Founder Of Waters Aesthetics In Phoenix, Az

“Let a perfectionist be your aesthetician” is my motto. I want everyone to feel confident when they look at themselves in the mirror. We all have work and growth to do on the inside. Let me assist you with worrying less about the outside beauty daily.

Imagine the time and money people spend on covering up or guessing on their skin care. Now imagine that dollar amount aimed toward your natural beauty with a bit of guidance from a licensed professional. I pride myself on being an educator, not a sales person. I’m never going to try and sell anything to anyone. I educate every guest on what my treatments, services, and products can do for their skin. I always leave the decision up to each guest, every time.

I have worked in many aspects of the field of aesthetics. Working for a Harvard trained board certified reconstructive plastic surgeon, management of aesthetics/trainer, a Scottsdale salon owner, as well as world-renowned Canyon Ranch. Working with many high-profile clients and training with the highest-end global skincare has given me the experience and education I need to serve every guest with the highest elevated experience in a more accessible, convenient everyday location. I’m not the cheapest on the block, but I’m the best. If you’re looking for elevated high-quality treatments and products, Waters Aesthetics is for you.

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Waters Aesthetics is a private spa suite located inside the Salon Boutique building in the Arcadia districts of Phoenix, AZ. We are an appointment-only Spa. 

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(520) 245-9333

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3115 E Indian School Rd Suite 69, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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Tuesday - Friday: 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday - Mondays: Closed

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